Class EscapedCharacters


@VelocityVariable("ESC") @VelocityCallable("singleton") public final class EscapedCharacters extends Object
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    • getD

      public String getD()
      The dollar character ($).
    • getH

      public String getH()
      The hash character (#).
    • getEXCL

      public String getEXCL()
      The exclamation mark character (!).

      public String getEXCLAMATION()
      The exclamation mark character (!).
    • getBANG

      public String getBANG()
      The exclamation mark character (!).
    • getBSL

      public String getBSL()
      The backslash character (\).
    • getBACKSLASH

      public String getBACKSLASH()
      The backslash character (\).
    • getCR

      public String getCR()
      The carriage return character (CR).
    • getLF

      public String getLF()
      The line feed character (LF).
    • getCRLF

      public String getCRLF()
      The carriage return / line feed character sequence (CR LF).
    • getQUOT

      public String getQUOT()
      The quotation mark character (").
    • getAPOS

      public String getAPOS()
      The single quote character (').
    • getTAB

      public String getTAB()
      The tab character (TAB).
    • hexDecodeCharacter

      public String hexDecodeCharacter(String p_strHex)
      Decodes an upper-case hex literal as a character.

      E.g. hexDecodeCharacter("0x5C") returns the backslash \.

      p_strHex -
      A character string.