Class ExchangeUserMailboxInfo


@Scriptable public final class ExchangeUserMailboxInfo extends Object
Provides information about an user's Exchange mailbox account.
  • Method Details

    • getInstance

      public static ExchangeUserMailboxInfo getInstance()
      Returns the instance from the current session or creates a new instance and stores it in the session. Beware that there must be be a valid Exchange web user account for the currently logged in Intrexx user in order to create the instance.
      The instance or an empty instance if mailbox properties could not be loaded for the current user.
      IllegalStateException - If no active session and user is available.
    • getInstanceForImpersonateUser

      public static ExchangeUserMailboxInfo getInstanceForImpersonateUser(String p_strUserGuid)
      Returns an instance for the given impersonate user.
      p_strUserGuid - The user GUID.
      The instance or an empty instance if mailbox properties could not be loaded for the given user.
    • getInstanceForDataGroup

      public static ExchangeUserMailboxInfo getInstanceForDataGroup(DataGroupInfo p_dgInfo)
      Returns an instance for the current user or an impersonate user depending on the DataGroupInfo properties.
      p_dgInfo - The DataGroupInfo.
      The instance or null if mailbox properties could not be loaded for the user.
    • getMailboxName

      public String getMailboxName()
    • getEMailAddress

      public String getEMailAddress()
    • getUserAccount

      public ExchangeAccount getUserAccount()
    • getCalendarFolderHref

      public String getCalendarFolderHref()
    • getContactsFolderHref

      public String getContactsFolderHref()
    • getDeletedItemsFolderHref

      public String getDeletedItemsFolderHref()
    • getDraftsFolderHref

      public String getDraftsFolderHref()
    • getInboxFolderHref

      public String getInboxFolderHref()
    • getJournalFolderHref

      public String getJournalFolderHref()
    • getOutboxFolderHref

      public String getOutboxFolderHref()
    • getSentItemsFolderHref

      public String getSentItemsFolderHref()
    • getTasksFolderHref

      public String getTasksFolderHref()
    • getCalendarFolderName

      public String getCalendarFolderName()
    • getContactsFolderName

      public String getContactsFolderName()
    • getDeletedItemsFolderName

      public String getDeletedItemsFolderName()
    • getDraftsFolderName

      public String getDraftsFolderName()
    • getInboxFolderName

      public String getInboxFolderName()
    • getJournalFolderName

      public String getJournalFolderName()
    • getOutboxFolderName

      public String getOutboxFolderName()
    • getSentItemsFolderName

      public String getSentItemsFolderName()
    • getTasksFolderName

      public String getTasksFolderName()
    • isExchange2010

      public boolean isExchange2010()
    • getAppointmentPriorityDefaultValue

      public int getAppointmentPriorityDefaultValue()
    • getTaskPriorityDefaultValue

      public int getTaskPriorityDefaultValue()
    • getSenderAddress

      public String getSenderAddress(String p_strSender)