All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Comparable<VERSION>

@Scriptable @ConstantClass public final class VERSION extends Object implements Comparable<VERSION>, Serializable
This class provides a type safe Intrexx version.
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  • Field Details

    • BETA

      public static final boolean BETA
      Indicates if this Intrexx version is a beta version.

      Use this constant in cases where the compiler should stip off conditional code in release versions.

      See Also:

      public static final VERSION FUTURE_VERSION
      This version is for testing purposes and may be used for feature branch versions.
    • V100

      @Deprecated public static final VERSION V100
      Intrexx Xtreme version 1.00.
    • V101

      @Deprecated public static final VERSION V101
      Intrexx Xtreme version 1.01.
    • V102

      @Deprecated public static final VERSION V102
      Intrexx Xtreme version 1.02.
    • V103

      @Deprecated public static final VERSION V103
      Intrexx Xtreme version 1.03.
    • V104

      @Deprecated public static final VERSION V104
      Intrexx Xtreme version 1.04.
    • V110

      @Deprecated public static final VERSION V110
      Intrexx Xtreme version 1.10.
    • V150

      @Deprecated public static final VERSION V150
      Intrexx Xtreme version 1.50.
    • V200

      @Deprecated public static final VERSION V200
      Intrexx Xtreme version 2.00.
    • V2002

      @Deprecated public static final VERSION V2002
      Intrexx Xtreme version 2.002.
    • V201

      @Deprecated public static final VERSION V201
      Intrexx Xtreme version 2.01.
    • V250

      @Deprecated public static final VERSION V250
      Intrexx Xtreme version 2.50.
    • V300

      @Deprecated public static final VERSION V300
      Intrexx Xtreme version 3.00.
    • V310

      @Deprecated public static final VERSION V310
      Intrexx Xtreme version 3.01.
    • V400

      @Deprecated public static final VERSION V400
      Intrexx Xtreme version 4.00.
    • V410

      @Deprecated public static final VERSION V410
      Intrexx Xtreme version 4.10.
    • V450

      @Deprecated public static final VERSION V450
      Intrexx Xtreme version 4.50.
    • V500

      @Deprecated public static final VERSION V500
      Intrexx version 5.00.
    • V510

      @Deprecated public static final VERSION V510
      Intrexx version 5.10.
    • V520

      @Deprecated public static final VERSION V520
      Intrexx version 5.20.
    • V600

      @Deprecated public static final VERSION V600
      Intrexx version 6.00.
    • V700

      @Deprecated public static final VERSION V700
      Intrexx version 7.00.
    • V8_0_0_0

      @Deprecated public static final VERSION V8_0_0_0
      Intrexx version
    • V8_0_0_1

      @Deprecated public static final VERSION V8_0_0_1
      Intrexx version (OU 01)
    • V8_0_0_2

      @Deprecated public static final VERSION V8_0_0_2
      Intrexx version (OU 02)
    • V8_0_0_3

      @Deprecated public static final VERSION V8_0_0_3
      Intrexx version (OU 03)
    • V8_0_0_4

      @Deprecated public static final VERSION V8_0_0_4
      Intrexx version (OU 04)
    • V8_0_0_5

      @Deprecated public static final VERSION V8_0_0_5
      Intrexx version (OU 05)
    • V8_0_0_6

      @Deprecated public static final VERSION V8_0_0_6
      Intrexx version (OU 06)
    • V8_0_0_7

      @Deprecated public static final VERSION V8_0_0_7
      Intrexx version (OU 07)
    • V8_0_0_8

      @Deprecated public static final VERSION V8_0_0_8
      Intrexx version (OU 08)
    • V8_0_0_9

      @Deprecated public static final VERSION V8_0_0_9
      Intrexx version (OU 09)
    • V8_0_0_10

      @Deprecated public static final VERSION V8_0_0_10
      Intrexx version (OU 10)
    • V8_0_0_11

      @Deprecated public static final VERSION V8_0_0_11
      Intrexx version (OU 11)
    • V8_0_0_12

      @Deprecated public static final VERSION V8_0_0_12
      Intrexx version (OU 12)
    • V8_0_0_13

      @Deprecated public static final VERSION V8_0_0_13
      Intrexx version (OU 13)
    • V8_0_0_14

      @Deprecated public static final VERSION V8_0_0_14
      Intrexx version (OU 14)
    • V8_0_0_15

      @Deprecated public static final VERSION V8_0_0_15
      Intrexx version (OU 15)
    • V8_0_0_16

      @Deprecated public static final VERSION V8_0_0_16
      Intrexx version (OU 16)
    • V8_0_0_17

      @Deprecated public static final VERSION V8_0_0_17
      Intrexx version (OU 17)
    • V8_1_0_0

      public static final VERSION V8_1_0_0
      Intrexx version
    • V8_1_0_1

      public static final VERSION V8_1_0_1
      Intrexx version (OU 01)
    • V8_1_0_2

      public static final VERSION V8_1_0_2
      Intrexx version (OU 02)
    • V8_1_0_3

      public static final VERSION V8_1_0_3
      Intrexx version (OU 03)
    • V8_1_0_4

      public static final VERSION V8_1_0_4
      Intrexx version (OU 04)
    • V8_1_0_5

      public static final VERSION V8_1_0_5
      Intrexx version (OU 05)
    • V8_1_0_6

      public static final VERSION V8_1_0_6
      Intrexx version (OU 06)
    • V8_1_0_7

      public static final VERSION V8_1_0_7
      Intrexx version (OU 07)
    • V8_1_0_8

      public static final VERSION V8_1_0_8
      Intrexx version (OU 08)
    • V8_1_0_9

      public static final VERSION V8_1_0_9
      Intrexx version (OU 09)
    • V8_1_0_10

      public static final VERSION V8_1_0_10
      Intrexx version (OU 10)
    • V8_1_0_11

      public static final VERSION V8_1_0_11
      Intrexx version (OU 11)
    • V8_1_0_12

      public static final VERSION V8_1_0_12
      Intrexx version (OU 12)
    • V8_1_0_13

      public static final VERSION V8_1_0_13
      Intrexx version (OU 13)
    • V8_1_0_14

      public static final VERSION V8_1_0_14
      Intrexx version (OU 14)
    • V8_1_0_15

      public static final VERSION V8_1_0_15
      Intrexx version (OU 15)
    • V8_1_0_16

      public static final VERSION V8_1_0_16
      Intrexx version (OU 16)
    • V8_1_0_17

      public static final VERSION V8_1_0_17
      Intrexx version (OU 17)
    • V8_1_0_18

      public static final VERSION V8_1_0_18
      Intrexx version (OU 18)
    • V8_1_0_19

      public static final VERSION V8_1_0_19
      Intrexx version (OU 19)
    • V8_1_0_20

      public static final VERSION V8_1_0_20
      Intrexx version (OU 20)
    • V8_1_0_21

      public static final VERSION V8_1_0_21
      Intrexx version (OU 21)
    • V8_1_0_22

      public static final VERSION V8_1_0_22
      Intrexx version (OU 22)
    • V8_1_0_23

      public static final VERSION V8_1_0_23
      Intrexx version (OU 23)
    • V8_1_0_24

      public static final VERSION V8_1_0_24
      Intrexx version (OU 24)
    • V8_1_0_25

      public static final VERSION V8_1_0_25
      Intrexx version (OU 25)
    • V8_1_0_26

      public static final VERSION V8_1_0_26
      Intrexx version (OU 26)
    • V8_1_0_27

      public static final VERSION V8_1_0_27
      Intrexx version (OU 27)
    • V8_1_0_28

      public static final VERSION V8_1_0_28
      Intrexx version (OU 28)
    • V8_1_0_29

      public static final VERSION V8_1_0_29
      Intrexx version (OU 29)
    • V8_1_0_30

      public static final VERSION V8_1_0_30
      Intrexx version (OU 30)
    • V8_1_0_31

      public static final VERSION V8_1_0_31
      Intrexx version (OU 31)
    • V8_1_0_32

      public static final VERSION V8_1_0_32
      Intrexx version (OU 32)
    • V8_1_0_33

      public static final VERSION V8_1_0_33
      Intrexx version (OU 33)
    • V8_1_0_34

      public static final VERSION V8_1_0_34
      Intrexx version (OU 34)
    • V8_1_0_35

      public static final VERSION V8_1_0_35
      Intrexx version (OU 35)
    • V8_1_0_36

      public static final VERSION V8_1_0_36
      Intrexx version (OU 36)
    • V8_1_0_37

      public static final VERSION V8_1_0_37
      Intrexx version (OU 37)
    • V8_1_0_38

      public static final VERSION V8_1_0_38
      Intrexx version (OU 38)
    • V9_0_0

      public static final VERSION V9_0_0
      Intrexx version
    • V9_0_1

      public static final VERSION V9_0_1
      Intrexx version 9.0.1
    • V9_0_101

      public static final VERSION V9_0_101
      Intrexx version 9.0.101
    • V9_0_102

      public static final VERSION V9_0_102
      Intrexx version 9.0.102
    • V9_0_103

      public static final VERSION V9_0_103
      Intrexx version 9.0.103
    • V9_0_104

      public static final VERSION V9_0_104
      Intrexx version 9.0.104
    • V9_0_105

      public static final VERSION V9_0_105
      Intrexx version 9.0.105
    • V9_0_106

      public static final VERSION V9_0_106
      Intrexx version 9.0.106
    • V9_0_107

      public static final VERSION V9_0_107
      Intrexx version 9.0.107
    • V9_0_108

      public static final VERSION V9_0_108
      Intrexx version 9.0.108
    • V9_0_109

      public static final VERSION V9_0_109
      Intrexx version 9.0.109
    • V9_0_110

      public static final VERSION V9_0_110
      Intrexx version 9.0.110
    • V9_0_111

      public static final VERSION V9_0_111
      Intrexx version 9.0.111
    • V9_0_112

      public static final VERSION V9_0_112
      Intrexx version 9.0.112
    • V9_0_113

      public static final VERSION V9_0_113
      Intrexx version 9.0.113
    • V9_2_0

      public static final VERSION V9_2_0
      Intrexx version 9.2.0
    • V9_2_1

      public static final VERSION V9_2_1
      Intrexx version 9.2.1
    • V9_2_2

      public static final VERSION V9_2_2
      Intrexx version 9.2.2
    • V9_2_3

      public static final VERSION V9_2_3
      Intrexx version 9.2.3
    • V9_2_4

      public static final VERSION V9_2_4
      Intrexx version 9.2.4
    • V9_2_5

      public static final VERSION V9_2_5
      Intrexx version 9.2.5
    • V9_2_6

      public static final VERSION V9_2_6
      Intrexx version 9.2.6
    • V9_2_7

      public static final VERSION V9_2_7
      Intrexx version 9.2.7
    • V9_2_8

      public static final VERSION V9_2_8
      Intrexx version 9.2.8
    • V9_2_9

      public static final VERSION V9_2_9
      Intrexx version 9.2.9
    • V9_2_10

      public static final VERSION V9_2_10
      Intrexx version 9.2.10
    • V9_2_11

      public static final VERSION V9_2_11
      Intrexx version 9.2.11
    • V9_2_12

      public static final VERSION V9_2_12
      Intrexx version 9.2.12
    • V9_2_13

      public static final VERSION V9_2_13
      Intrexx version 9.2.13
    • V9_2_14

      public static final VERSION V9_2_14
      Intrexx version 9.2.14
    • V9_2_15

      public static final VERSION V9_2_15
      Intrexx version 9.2.15
    • V9_2_16

      public static final VERSION V9_2_16
      Intrexx version 9.2.16
    • V9_2_17

      public static final VERSION V9_2_17
      Intrexx version 9.2.17
    • V9_2_18

      public static final VERSION V9_2_18
      Intrexx version 9.2.18
    • V9_2_19

      public static final VERSION V9_2_19
      Intrexx version 9.2.19
    • V9_2_20

      public static final VERSION V9_2_20
      Intrexx version 9.2.20
    • V9_2_21

      public static final VERSION V9_2_21
      Intrexx version 9.2.21
    • V9_2_22

      public static final VERSION V9_2_22
      Intrexx version 9.2.22
    • V9_2_23

      public static final VERSION V9_2_23
      Intrexx version 9.2.23
    • V9_2_24

      public static final VERSION V9_2_24
      Intrexx version 9.2.24
    • V9_2_25

      public static final VERSION V9_2_25
      Intrexx version 9.2.25
    • V9_2_26

      public static final VERSION V9_2_26
      Intrexx version 9.2.26
    • V9_2_27

      public static final VERSION V9_2_27
      Intrexx version 9.2.27
    • V9_2_28

      public static final VERSION V9_2_28
      Intrexx version 9.2.28
    • V9_2_29

      public static final VERSION V9_2_29
      Intrexx version 9.2.29
    • V9_2_30

      public static final VERSION V9_2_30
      Intrexx version 9.2.30
    • V9_2_31

      public static final VERSION V9_2_31
      Intrexx version 9.2.31
    • V9_2_32

      public static final VERSION V9_2_32
      Intrexx version 9.2.32
    • V9_2_33

      public static final VERSION V9_2_33
      Intrexx version 9.2.33
    • V9_2_34

      public static final VERSION V9_2_34
      Intrexx version 9.2.34
    • V9_2_35

      public static final VERSION V9_2_35
      Intrexx version 9.2.35
    • V9_2_36

      public static final VERSION V9_2_36
      Intrexx version 9.2.36
    • V9_2_37

      public static final VERSION V9_2_37
      Intrexx version 9.2.37
    • V9_2_38

      public static final VERSION V9_2_38
      Intrexx version 9.2.38
    • V9_2_39

      public static final VERSION V9_2_39
      Intrexx version 9.2.39
    • V9_2_40

      public static final VERSION V9_2_40
      Intrexx version 9.2.40
    • V9_3_0

      public static final VERSION V9_3_0
      Intrexx version 9.3.0
    • V9_3_1

      public static final VERSION V9_3_1
      Intrexx version 9.3.1
    • V9_3_2

      public static final VERSION V9_3_2
      Intrexx version 9.3.2
    • V9_3_3

      public static final VERSION V9_3_3
      Intrexx version 9.3.3
    • V9_3_4

      public static final VERSION V9_3_4
      Intrexx version 9.3.4
    • V9_3_5

      public static final VERSION V9_3_5
      Intrexx version 9.3.5
    • V9_4_0

      public static final VERSION V9_4_0
      Intrexx version 9.4.0
    • V9_4_1

      public static final VERSION V9_4_1
      Intrexx version 9.4.1
    • V9_4_2

      public static final VERSION V9_4_2
      Intrexx version 9.4.2
    • V9_4_3

      public static final VERSION V9_4_3
      Intrexx version 9.4.3
    • V9_4_4

      public static final VERSION V9_4_4
      Intrexx version 9.4.4
    • V9_4_5

      public static final VERSION V9_4_5
      Intrexx version 9.4.5
    • V9_4_6

      public static final VERSION V9_4_6
      Intrexx version 9.4.6
    • V9_5_0

      public static final VERSION V9_5_0
      Intrexx version 9.5.0
    • V9_5_1

      public static final VERSION V9_5_1
      Intrexx version 9.5.1
    • V9_5_2

      public static final VERSION V9_5_2
      Intrexx version 9.5.2
    • V9_5_3

      public static final VERSION V9_5_3
      Intrexx version 9.5.3
    • V9_5_4

      public static final VERSION V9_5_4
      Intrexx version 9.5.4
    • V9_5_5

      public static final VERSION V9_5_5
      Intrexx version 9.5.5
    • V9_5_6

      public static final VERSION V9_5_6
      Intrexx version 9.5.6
    • V10_0_0

      public static final VERSION V10_0_0
      Intrexx version 10.0.0
    • V10_0_1

      public static final VERSION V10_0_1
      Intrexx version 10.0.1
    • V10_0_2

      public static final VERSION V10_0_2
      Intrexx version 10.0.2
    • V10_0_3

      public static final VERSION V10_0_3
      Intrexx version 10.0.3
    • V10_0_4

      public static final VERSION V10_0_4
      Intrexx version 10.0.4
    • V10_0_5

      public static final VERSION V10_0_5
      Intrexx version 10.0.5
    • V10_0_6

      public static final VERSION V10_0_6
      Intrexx version 10.0.6
    • V10_0_7

      public static final VERSION V10_0_7
      Intrexx version 10.0.7
    • V10_0_8

      public static final VERSION V10_0_8
      Intrexx version 10.0.8
    • V10_0_9

      public static final VERSION V10_0_9
      Intrexx version 10.0.9
    • V10_0_10

      public static final VERSION V10_0_10
      Intrexx version 10.0.10
    • V10_0_11

      public static final VERSION V10_0_11
      Intrexx version 10.0.11
    • V10_0_12

      public static final VERSION V10_0_12
      Intrexx version 10.0.12
    • V10_0_13

      public static final VERSION V10_0_13
      Intrexx version 10.0.13
    • V10_0_14

      public static final VERSION V10_0_14
      Intrexx version 10.0.14
    • V10_0_15

      public static final VERSION V10_0_15
      Intrexx version 10.0.15
    • V10_0_16

      public static final VERSION V10_0_16
      Intrexx version 10.0.16
    • V10_0_17

      public static final VERSION V10_0_17
      Intrexx version 10.0.17
    • V10_0_18

      public static final VERSION V10_0_18
      Intrexx version 10.0.18
    • V10_0_19

      public static final VERSION V10_0_19
      Intrexx version 10.0.19
    • V10_0_20

      public static final VERSION V10_0_20
      Intrexx version 10.0.20
    • V10_0_21

      public static final VERSION V10_0_21
      Intrexx version 10.0.21
    • V10_0_22

      public static final VERSION V10_0_22
      Intrexx version 10.0.22
    • V10_1_0

      public static final VERSION V10_1_0
      Intrexx version 10.1.0
    • V10_2_0

      public static final VERSION V10_2_0
      Intrexx version 10.2.0
    • V10_3_0

      public static final VERSION V10_3_0
      Intrexx version 10.3.0
    • V10_4_0

      public static final VERSION V10_4_0
      Intrexx version 10.4.0
    • V10_5_0

      public static final VERSION V10_5_0
      Intrexx version 10.5.0
    • V10_6_0

      public static final VERSION V10_6_0
      Intrexx version 10.6.0
    • V10_7_0

      public static final VERSION V10_7_0
      Intrexx version 10.7.0
    • V10_8_0

      public static final VERSION V10_8_0
      Intrexx version 10.8.0
    • V10_9_0

      public static final VERSION V10_9_0
      Intrexx version 10.9.0
    • V10_10_0

      public static final VERSION V10_10_0
      Intrexx version 10.10.0
    • V10_11_0

      public static final VERSION V10_11_0
      Intrexx version 10.11.0
    • V10_12_0

      public static final VERSION V10_12_0
      Intrexx version 10.12.0
    • V10_13_0

      public static final VERSION V10_13_0
      Intrexx version 10.13.0
    • V10_14_0

      public static final VERSION V10_14_0
      Intrexx version 10.14.0
    • V10_15_0

      public static final VERSION V10_15_0
      Intrexx version 10.15.0
    • V10_16_0

      public static final VERSION V10_16_0
      Intrexx version 10.16.0
    • V11_0_0

      public static final VERSION V11_0_0
      Intrexx version 11.0.0
    • V11_1_0

      public static final VERSION V11_1_0
      Intrexx version 11.1.0

      public static final VERSION OLDEST_UPDATE_RELEASE
      The oldest version which can be updated

      public static final VERSION RELEASE
      The current Intrexx release version.

      public static final VERSION CURRENT
      The current Intrexx version.

      Note: This value changes with each patch level.

  • Method Details

    • compareTo

      public int compareTo(VERSION p_other)
      Specified by:
      compareTo in interface Comparable<VERSION>
    • isBeta

      public static boolean isBeta()
      Check if this Intrexx version is a beta version.
      The value of the BETA flag.
    • intValue

      public int intValue()
      The Intrexx version as an int value.
      The Intrexx version.
    • toString

      @Deprecated public String toString()
      The string representation of the Intrexx version. Deprecated since, use toVersionIdentifier instead
      toString in class Object
    • getVersionString

      public String getVersionString()
      A string version of the Intrexx version.
    • getShortDisplayString

      public String getShortDisplayString()
      Returns the display string of this version.
      Display version
    • getLongDisplayString

      public String getLongDisplayString()
      Returns the display string of this version.
      Display version
    • getLongFormattedDisplayString

      public String getLongFormattedDisplayString()
      The display version with technical version.
    • getFullDisplayString

      public String getFullDisplayString()
      A "human readable" version of the Intrexx version with code name.
    • getMajorVersion

      public int getMajorVersion()
      Returns the major version.
      Major version
    • getMinorVersion

      public int getMinorVersion()
      Returns the minor version.
      Minor version
    • getCodeName

      public String getCodeName()
      Returns the code name of this version
      Code name string
    • getPatchLevel

      public int getPatchLevel()
      Returns the patch level.
      patch level
    • toVersionIdentifier

      public String toVersionIdentifier()
      Returns the version identifier, i.e a string of seven or eight decimal digits for versions equal or above 8.0.0.
      Version identifier
    • toServiceLevelIdentifier

      public String toServiceLevelIdentifier()
      Returns the version identifier of this version without the part for the online update. E.g. for Version 8.0.0 this is 80000 and NOT 8000000.
      Service level identifier
    • getMajorMinor

      public int getMajorMinor()
      This method returns the major and minor number as an integer, i.e
      getMajorVersion() * 100 + getMinorVersion()
      The major and minor number as an integer.
    • getPowerAppVersion

      public int getPowerAppVersion()
      This method returns the major and minor number as an integer, i.e
      getMajorVersion() * 100 + getMinorVersion()
      The major and minor number as an integer.
    • fromVersionIdentifier

      public static VERSION fromVersionIdentifier(String p_strIdentifier)
      Returns the version object for the specified identifier.
      p_strIdentifier - Version identifier
      version object for the identifier
      IllegalArgumentException - If any occurs
    • fromVersionNumber

      public static VERSION fromVersionNumber(int p_iNumber)
      Returns the version object for the specified version number.
      p_iNumber - p_version
      version object for the version number
      IllegalArgumentException - If one occurs
    • versionStringToServiceLevelIdentifier

      public static String versionStringToServiceLevelIdentifier(String p_strVersionString)
      Returns the service level identifier for the given version string E.g. for Version this is 80000 and NOT 8000000. For 9.0.1 this will be 90000 because of backward compatibility
      p_strVersionString - version string
      Service level identifier
    • getVersionHistory

      public static VERSION[] getVersionHistory()
      A sorted array of Intrexx versions.
    • getLastVersionNr

      public static VERSION getLastVersionNr(int p_iVersion)
      Get last valid version number. Example: If p_iVersion is 1800015 and in history highest 18xxx version is 18000013 it will return 18000013.
      p_iVersion -
      The last valid Version