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Welcome to the Intrexx JavaScript API

We continuously try to improve and evolve our JavaScript API. If you encounter disparities or missing descriptions, please feel free to contact us over the Intrexx Help & Support-Center.


An index over all available modules/classes/functions that we support.

General API methods

General API methods.


Encapsulates cross-browser-methods.


Notifiers provide the Intrexx user with prefabricated objects and methods for displaying tooltips that have been adapted for the respective use.

Portlet Framework

Offers various methods to control portal pages and portlet containers.


Action controls

Action controls execute numerous database actions, such as saving and deleting data records. By defining a link destination, the control can load additional pages in the main window, a popup window or in tooltips. They can be presented as buttons and also as text links and images in the browser.

Edit controls

Edit fields can be used to record data with different data types and control types.

View controls

View fields will be used to display data from linked data fields. As with edit fields, various control types can be selected.

Table controls

With a view table, data records will be displayed in table format. For every connected data field, a table column will be created, and for each data record, a row. The sorting of the table can be changed in the browser by clicking on the column header. A view table can display data of the same level, data from superordinate data groups and data from the immediately subordinate data group.

In free layout tables, application pages can be integrated that are repeated for each data record. You can design the integrated page however you like as long as it does contain the supported elements.

Take a look at the documentation for detailed information.

Other controls

Other controls like charts, operator filters, filewalker, etc.

Global modules (ix)


Grant functions to get language constants.


Helper class to perform specific asynchronous HTTP (Ajax) request.


Generate and control confirmation dialogs.


The Loader-API provides a handful of methods for loading Intrexx application pages in an output container, depending on the chosen API method or the settings passed to the loader method.


SimpleDateFormat provides functions to parse strings and format date object.


Offers text encode and decode functions.


Provides functions to display, close and handle tooltips.


Provides several auxiliary functions for Intrexx.


Provides a handful of methods to receive messages for all or specific topics via the standard Intrexx WebSocket.



Helper provides several auxiliary functions for Intrexx.

Note: Please don't use this functions not longer due to they are deprecated.
Please have a look at IxUtil as a replacement.