Class ContextLanguage

  • @Scriptable
    public final class ContextLanguage
    extends Object
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        public static String get​(IServerBridgeRequest p_request,
                                 ISession p_session)
        Get the language that's associated with the current execution context.

        The returned value is given by, in order,

        1. the request's query string parameter QSVAR.RQ_LANG,
        2. the request's cookie COOKIE.LANG,
        3. the given session's SESSVAR.LANG,
        4. the given session user's defaultLanguage, if it exists,
        5. a language from the requests Accept-Language header, if applicable, or
        6. the value given by DefaultLanguage.get().

        p_request - A request object, or null.
        p_session - A session object, or null.
        A language identifier, normalized in Intrexxformat, for example de-ch