Class DataGroupWorkflowEventHandler

All Implemented Interfaces:
IActivatableWorkflowObject, INamedWorkflowObject, INeedWorkflow, IWorkflowEventHandler, IWorkflowObject, Serializable

public final class DataGroupWorkflowEventHandler extends AbstractWorkflowEventHandler
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  • Constructor Details

    • DataGroupWorkflowEventHandler

      public DataGroupWorkflowEventHandler(String p_strGuid)
  • Method Details

    • getDataGroup

      public String getDataGroup()
    • setDataGroup

      public void setDataGroup(String p_strDataGroupGuid)
    • getEventHandling

      public de.uplanet.lucy.workflow.PRI_SUB_EVENT_HANDLING getEventHandling()
    • setEventHandling

      public void setEventHandling(de.uplanet.lucy.workflow.PRI_SUB_EVENT_HANDLING p_eventHandling)
    • isAfterInsert

      public boolean isAfterInsert()
    • setAfterInsert

      public void setAfterInsert(boolean p_bAfterInsert)
    • isAfterUpdate

      public boolean isAfterUpdate()
    • setAfterUpdate

      public void setAfterUpdate(boolean p_bAfterUpdate)
    • isBeforeDelete

      public boolean isBeforeDelete()
    • setBeforeDelete

      public void setBeforeDelete(boolean p_bDelete)
    • isNotify

      public boolean isNotify()
    • setNotify

      public void setNotify(boolean p_bIsNotify)
    • isHandlerFor

      public boolean isHandlerFor(IWorkflowEvent p_evt, de.uplanet.lucy.server.workflow.IWorkflowProcessingContext p_wfCtx)
      Description copied from interface: IWorkflowEventHandler
      Check if this event handler may handle the given event.

      This method should return false if this event handler's state is inactive.

      Note: despite this method returns true the event handler is not required to return its efferent transition when process is being called.

      p_evt - The event.
      p_wfCtx - The workflow processing context.
      true if this event handler may process this event, or false otherwise.
    • process

      public WorkflowTransition process(IWorkflowEvent p_evt, de.uplanet.lucy.server.workflow.IWorkflowProcessingContext p_wfCtx, de.uplanet.lucy.server.IProcessingContext p_ctx) throws Exception
      Description copied from interface: IWorkflowEventHandler
      Process a workflow event in the given context.

      This method is called by the workflow engine if a call to isHandlerFor returned true. However this method is not required to return a non-null efferent transition in such cases.

      A workflow event handler must return null if it is not active.

      p_evt - The event to be processed.
      p_wfCtx - The workflow processing context.
      p_ctx - The processing context.
      The efferent transition, or null.
      InterruptedException - If processing of this event handler has been interrupted.
      Exception - If an error occurred.