Class UpdateRecordReportWorkflowAction

All Implemented Interfaces:
IActivatableWorkflowObject, INamedWorkflowObject, INeedWorkflow, IWorkflowAction, IWorkflowObject, Serializable

public final class UpdateRecordReportWorkflowAction extends AbstractReportWorkflowAction
This class gets called when an event is triggered from the Workflow Engine. It takes the information from the record that triggered the action, creates a report, and then insert this new file in the target table. If there is an existing record for that report, it just updates it. If there is none, it doesnt create a new one.
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  • Constructor Details

    • UpdateRecordReportWorkflowAction

      public UpdateRecordReportWorkflowAction(String p_strGuid)
  • Method Details

    • getFileSaveMode

      public de.uplanet.lucy.workflow.FILE_COPY_MODE getFileSaveMode()
    • setFileSaveMode

      public void setFileSaveMode(de.uplanet.lucy.workflow.FILE_COPY_MODE p_fileSaveMode)
    • getFileAppendMode

      public de.uplanet.lucy.workflow.FILE_APPEND_MODE getFileAppendMode()
    • setFileAppendMode

      public void setFileAppendMode(de.uplanet.lucy.workflow.FILE_APPEND_MODE p_fileAppendMode)
    • isLimitCopyToDestinationMaxFileCount

      public boolean isLimitCopyToDestinationMaxFileCount()
    • setLimitCopyToDestinationMaxFileCount

      public void setLimitCopyToDestinationMaxFileCount(boolean p_bLimitCopyToDestinationMaxFileCount)
    • getFilterGuid

      public String getFilterGuid()
    • setFilterGuid

      public void setFilterGuid(String p_strFilter)