Class Layout


public class Layout extends Object
  • Constructor Details

    • Layout

      public Layout()
    • Layout

      public Layout(String p_strName, String p_strSubDirectory, boolean p_bIsDefault, boolean p_bMobile)
    • Layout

      public Layout(String p_name, String p_strSubDirectory, boolean p_bIsDefault, boolean p_bMobile, String p_authorLogin, String p_authorGuid, Date p_lastModifiedDate, String p_strDefaultMenu, boolean p_bHiddenInLayoutSwitch, boolean p_hasMenuStyles, String p_strMinWidthMedium, String p_strMinWidthLarge, String p_strPrintMinWidthMedium, String p_strPrintMinWidthLarge, String p_strMailLayout, boolean p_bLocked, boolean p_bPublishedByPublishedAllLayouts)
  • Method Details

    • isDefault

      public boolean isDefault()
    • getDisplayName

      public String getDisplayName()
    • getSubDirectory

      public String getSubDirectory()
    • isMobile

      public boolean isMobile()
    • getAuthorLogin

      public String getAuthorLogin()
    • getAuthorGuid

      public String getAuthorGuid()
    • getLastModifiedDate

      public Date getLastModifiedDate()
    • getDefaultMenu

      public String getDefaultMenu()
    • isHiddenInLayoutSwitch

      public boolean isHiddenInLayoutSwitch()
    • hasMenuStyles

      public boolean hasMenuStyles()
    • getMinWidthMedium

      public String getMinWidthMedium()
    • getMinWidthLarge

      public String getMinWidthLarge()
    • getPrintMinWidthMedium

      public String getPrintMinWidthMedium()
    • getPrintMinWidthLarge

      public String getPrintMinWidthLarge()
    • getMailLayout

      public String getMailLayout()
    • getName

      public String getName()
    • setName

      public void setName(String p_name)
    • isIsDefault

      public boolean isIsDefault()
    • setIsDefault

      public void setIsDefault(boolean p_isDefault)
    • isHasMenuStyles

      public boolean isHasMenuStyles()
    • setHasMenuStyles

      public void setHasMenuStyles(boolean p_hasMenuStyles)
    • setSubDirectory

      public void setSubDirectory(String p_subDirectory)
    • setMobile

      public void setMobile(boolean p_mobile)
    • setAuthorLogin

      public void setAuthorLogin(String p_authorLogin)
    • setAuthorGuid

      public void setAuthorGuid(String p_authorGuid)
    • setLastModifiedDate

      public void setLastModifiedDate(Date p_lastModifiedDate)
    • setDefaultMenu

      public void setDefaultMenu(String p_defaultMenu)
    • setHiddenInLayoutSwitch

      public void setHiddenInLayoutSwitch(boolean p_hiddenInLayoutSwitch)
    • setMinWidthMedium

      public void setMinWidthMedium(String p_minWidthMedium)
    • setMinWidthLarge

      public void setMinWidthLarge(String p_minWidthLarge)
    • setPrintMinWidthMedium

      public void setPrintMinWidthMedium(String p_printMinWidthMedium)
    • setPrintMinWidthLarge

      public void setPrintMinWidthLarge(String p_printMinWidthLarge)
    • setMailLayout

      public void setMailLayout(String p_mailLayout)
    • isLocked

      public boolean isLocked()
      Get the lock status of the layout.
      true if the layout is locked, or false otherwise.
    • setLocked

      public void setLocked(boolean p_bLocked)
      Set the lock status of the layout.
      p_bLocked - Lock status (true = locked).
    • isPublishedByPublishedAllLayouts

      public boolean isPublishedByPublishedAllLayouts()
      true if the layout was published by publishAllLayouts last time, or false otherwise.
    • setPublishedByPublishedAllLayouts

      public void setPublishedByPublishedAllLayouts(boolean p_publishedByPublishedAllLayouts)
      p_publishedByPublishedAllLayouts - true if the layout was published by publishAllLayouts last time, or false otherwise.