Interface IHttpProcessingContext

All Superinterfaces:
IProcessingContext, IRequestProcessingContext
All Known Subinterfaces:
IBusinessLogicProcessingContext, IWebProcessingContext
All Known Implementing Classes:

@Scriptable public interface IHttpProcessingContext extends IRequestProcessingContext
  • Method Details

    • getResponse

      IServerBridgeResponse getResponse()
      Get the Web response.
      The Web response object.
    • hasView

      boolean hasView()
      Determine if this processing context contains a view object.
      true if the processing context contains a view, or false otherwise.
    • getViewData

      IViewData getViewData()
      Get a class that contains the values posted by the client. Used in the BL to get values by the field guid, control name, control guid.
      The values that were posted by the client, or null if no view was restored on the server.
    • setViewData

      void setViewData(IViewData p_view)
      Set a class map that contains the values posted by the client for use in the BL.