Class UniqueNumberGeneratorExtended

  • @Scriptable
    public class UniqueNumberGeneratorExtended
    extends Object
    Generates a unique id number per Signature. (e.g. ITS-20051104-002)
    • Constructor Detail

      • UniqueNumberGeneratorExtended

        public UniqueNumberGeneratorExtended()
    • Method Detail

      • getExtendedNumber

        public static String getExtendedNumber​(de.uplanet.jdbc.JdbcConnection p_conn,
                                               FieldInfo p_field,
                                               String p_strSearchString,
                                               String p_strGenerateString,
                                               int p_iIndexNoStart,
                                               int p_iIndexNoEnd)
                                        throws de.uplanet.jdbc.sqlhelper.SqlHelperException,
        Stores the last number within a map per fieldGuid and searchString. If the map has no entry it gets the last out of the database. Generates the new number, stores it and returns it.
        p_conn - Database Connection for the Datatable
        p_field - Fielddescription
        p_strSearchString - SearchString
        p_strGenerateString - String for generating the next number
        p_iIndexNoStart - index start for the number to count
        p_iIndexNoEnd - index end for the number to count
        new generated number String
      • reset

        public static void reset​(String p_strGuid)
        Reset the number generator for the passed field GUID.