Class GroovyUserWrapper

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public final class GroovyUserWrapper
    extends groovy.lang.GroovyObjectSupport
    • Method Detail

      • propertyMissing

        public Object propertyMissing​(String p_strName)
        For internal use only.
      • propertyMissing

        public void propertyMissing​(String p_strName,
                                    Object p_value)
        For internal use only.
      • setId

        public void setId​(int p_iUserId)
        For internal use only.
      • getId

        public int getId()
        For internal use only.
      • setGuid

        public void setGuid​(String p_strValue)
      • getGuid

        public String getGuid()
      • getClassId

        public int getClassId()
      • getContainer

        public Object getContainer()
      • setContainer

        public void setContainer​(Object p_container)
      • setMemberOf

        public void setMemberOf​(Collection<?> p_memberOf)
      • getMemberOf

        public Collection<?> getMemberOf()
      • setDeletable

        public void setDeletable​(boolean p_bValue)
      • setDeleted

        public void setDeleted​(boolean p_bValue)
      • setDescription

        public void setDescription​(String p_strValue)
      • setDn

        public void setDn​(String p_strValue)
      • getDn

        public String getDn()
      • setInternalUsn

        public void setInternalUsn​(int p_iValue)
      • getInternalUsn

        public int getInternalUsn()
      • setName

        public void setName​(String p_strValue)
      • setPriority

        public void setPriority​(int p_iValue)
      • getPriority

        public int getPriority()
      • setRplGuid

        public void setRplGuid​(String p_strValue)
      • getRplGuid

        public String getRplGuid()
      • setDisabled

        public void setDisabled​(boolean p_bValue)
      • isDisabled

        public boolean isDisabled()
      • isAnonymous

        public boolean isAnonymous()
      • getDescription

        public String getDescription()
      • getName

        public String getName()
      • isDeletable

        public boolean isDeletable()
      • isDeleted

        public boolean isDeleted()
      • setBirthday

        public void setBirthday​(Date p_dtValue)
      • getBirthday

        public Date getBirthday()
      • setCity

        public void setCity​(String p_strValue)
      • getCity

        public String getCity()
      • setCountry

        public void setCountry​(String p_strValue)
      • getCountry

        public String getCountry()
      • setDefaultLayout

        public void setDefaultLayout​(String p_strValue)
      • getDefaultLayout

        public String getDefaultLayout()
      • setLoginDomain

        public void setLoginDomain​(String p_strValue)
      • getLoginDomain

        public String getLoginDomain()
      • setLoginDomainLwr

        public void setLoginDomainLwr​(String p_strValue)
      • getLoginDomainLwr

        public String getLoginDomainLwr()
      • setEmployeeNo

        public void setEmployeeNo​(String p_strValue)
      • getEmployeeNo

        public String getEmployeeNo()
      • setEnterDate

        public void setEnterDate​(Date p_dtValue)
      • getEnterDate

        public Date getEnterDate()
      • getExternalLogin

        public String getExternalLogin​(int p_iIndex)
      • getExternalPassword

        public String getExternalPassword​(int p_iIndex)
      • isExternalLogin1Set

        public boolean isExternalLogin1Set()
      • setExternalLogin1

        public void setExternalLogin1​(String p_strValue)
      • getExternalLogin1

        public String getExternalLogin1()
      • setExternalLogin2

        public void setExternalLogin2​(String p_strValue)
      • getExternalLogin2

        public String getExternalLogin2()
      • setExternalLogin3

        public void setExternalLogin3​(String p_strValue)
      • getExternalLogin3

        public String getExternalLogin3()
      • setExternalPrimaryGroupId

        public void setExternalPrimaryGroupId​(int p_iValue)
      • getExternalPrimaryGroupId

        public int getExternalPrimaryGroupId()
      • setExternalPassword1

        public void setExternalPassword1​(String p_strValue)
      • getExternalPassword1

        public String getExternalPassword1()
      • setExternalPassword2

        public void setExternalPassword2​(String p_strValue)
      • getExternalPassword2

        public String getExternalPassword2()
      • setExternalPassword3

        public void setExternalPassword3​(String p_strValue)
      • getExternalPassword3

        public String getExternalPassword3()
      • setFirstName

        public void setFirstName​(String p_strValue)
      • getFirstName

        public String getFirstName()
      • setFullName

        public void setFullName​(String p_strValue)
      • getFullName

        public String getFullName()
      • setGender

        public void setGender​(int p_iGender)
        Specify the gender. Valid values are
        • 0 unspecified,
        • 1 male,
        • 2 female.
        p_iGender - The gender.
      • getGender

        public int getGender()
      • setMale

        public void setMale​(boolean p_bMale)
      • isMale

        public boolean isMale()
      • setFemale

        public void setFemale​(boolean p_bFemale)
      • isFemale

        public boolean isFemale()
      • setLastName

        public void setLastName​(String p_strValue)
      • getLastName

        public String getLastName()
      • setLoginName

        public void setLoginName​(String p_strValue)
      • getLoginName

        public String getLoginName()
      • setLoginNameLwr

        public void setLoginNameLwr​(String p_strValue)
      • getLoginNameLwr

        public String getLoginNameLwr()
      • setEmailBiz

        public void setEmailBiz​(String p_strValue)
        Set the user's office e-mail address.
        p_strValue - The new value, or null.
        IllegalArgumentException - if the given value is not a valid e-mail address.
      • getEmailBiz

        public String getEmailBiz()
        Get the user's office e-mail address.
        The user's office e-mail address.
      • setEmailHome

        public void setEmailHome​(String p_strValue)
        Set the user's private e-mail address.
        p_strValue - The new value, or null.
        IllegalArgumentException - if the given value is not a valid e-mail address.
      • getEmailHome

        public String getEmailHome()
        Get the user's private e-mail address.
        The user's private e-mail address.
      • setMiddleName

        public void setMiddleName​(String p_strValue)
      • getMiddleName

        public String getMiddleName()
      • setPhoneBiz

        public void setPhoneBiz​(String p_strValue)
      • getPhoneBiz

        public String getPhoneBiz()
      • setPhoneFax

        public void setPhoneFax​(String p_strValue)
      • getPhoneFax

        public String getPhoneFax()
      • setPhoneHome

        public void setPhoneHome​(String p_strValue)
      • getPhoneHome

        public String getPhoneHome()
      • setPhoneMobileHome

        public void setPhoneMobileHome​(String p_strValue)
      • getPhoneMobileHome

        public String getPhoneMobileHome()
      • setPhoneMobileBiz

        public void setPhoneMobileBiz​(String p_strValue)
      • getPhoneMobileBiz

        public String getPhoneMobileBiz()
      • setPhonePager

        public void setPhonePager​(String p_strValue)
      • getPhonePager

        public String getPhonePager()
      • setBoss

        public void setBoss​(int p_iValue)
        Use the GUID variant instead (coming soon).
        Do not use this method in scripts.
      • getBoss

        public int getBoss()
        This method will be removed soon.
        Do not use this method in scripts.
      • setPostalCode

        public void setPostalCode​(String p_strValue)
      • getPostalCode

        public String getPostalCode()
      • setProxyPerson

        public void setProxyPerson​(int p_iValue)
        Use the GUID variant instead (coming soon).
        Do not use this method in scripts.
      • getProxyPerson

        public int getProxyPerson()
        This method will be removed soon.
        Do not use this method in scripts.
      • setInvalidPassword

        public void setInvalidPassword()
        Set an invalid password, and the password changed date.
      • getPassword

        public String getPassword()
      • setPasswordHash

        public void setPasswordHash​(String p_strValue)
      • getPasswordHash

        public String getPasswordHash()
      • setSalt

        public void setSalt​(String p_strValue)
      • getSalt

        public String getSalt()
      • setPasswordExpires

        public void setPasswordExpires​(boolean p_bValue)
      • isPasswordExpires

        public boolean isPasswordExpires()
      • isModifiablePassword

        public boolean isModifiablePassword()
      • isMustChangePassword

        public boolean isMustChangePassword()
      • setPasswordChangedDate

        public void setPasswordChangedDate​(Date p_dtValue)
      • getPasswordChangedDate

        public Date getPasswordChangedDate()
      • setShowUser

        public void setShowUser​(boolean p_bValue)
      • getShowUser

        public boolean getShowUser()
      • setStreet

        public void setStreet​(String p_strValue)
      • getStreet

        public String getStreet()
      • setTimeZone

        public void setTimeZone​(TimeZone p_tz)
      • getTimeZone

        public TimeZone getTimeZone()
      • setTimeZoneId

        public void setTimeZoneId​(String p_strValue)
      • getTimeZoneId

        public String getTimeZoneId()
      • setTitle

        public void setTitle​(String p_strValue)
      • getTitle

        public String getTitle()
      • setUserImageFile

        public void setUserImageFile​(File p_file)
      • getUserImageFile

        public File getUserImageFile()
      • setUserImageContentType

        public void setUserImageContentType​(String p_strValue)
      • getUserImageContentType

        public String getUserImageContentType()
      • setUserImageMetaInfo

        public void setUserImageMetaInfo​(String p_strValue)
      • getUserImageMetaInfo

        public String getUserImageMetaInfo()
      • getState

        public String getState()
      • setState

        public void setState​(String p_strValue)
      • getPoBox

        public String getPoBox()
      • setPoBox

        public void setPoBox​(String p_strValue)
      • getDefaultLanguage

        public String getDefaultLanguage()
      • setDefaultLanguage

        public void setDefaultLanguage​(String p_strValue)
      • getQualifiedLoginName

        public String getQualifiedLoginName()
      • getLoginAttempts

        public int getLoginAttempts()
      • setLoginAttempts

        public void setLoginAttempts​(int p_iAttempts)
      • getLocked

        public int getLocked()
      • setLocked

        public void setLocked​(int p_iLocked)