Class SimpleMailParser

  • @Scriptable
    public final class SimpleMailParser
    extends Object
    Simple mail parser to simplify the parsing of the most common cases of multipart mails.
    • Method Detail

      • newInstance

        public static final SimpleMailParser newInstance()
        Create a new instance.
        A new instance.
      • parseMessage

        public de.uplanet.lucy.server.mail.ParsedMessage parseMessage​(javax.mail.Message p_message,
                                                                      Path p_dirAttachment)
                                                               throws javax.mail.MessagingException
        Parse a message and extract useful information as for instance the subject, from- and to-address(es), attachments...
        p_message - The message to parse.
        p_dirAttachment - The directory in which to store the extracted attachments.
        A parsed message with detailed information.
        javax.mail.MessagingException - If any failure occurs.
        IllegalArgumentException - If either the message or the attachment directory parameter is null.