Interface IValueHolder<T>

    • Method Detail

      • getType

        QName getType()
        The type of data this value holder holds.
      • hasValue

        boolean hasValue()
        Check if this value holder currently holds data or not.
        true if the data holder holds data, or false otherwise.
      • getValue

        T getValue()
        Get the data that this value holder holds.

        Implementations MUST ensure that multiple calls to this method will return values that equal each other.

        The data.
      • getRawValue

        Object getRawValue()
        Get the raw data that this value holder holds.
        The raw data.
      • getCanonicalLexicalRepresentation

        String getCanonicalLexicalRepresentation()
        Get the canonical lexical representation of this value according to it's datatype.
        The canonical lexical representation, or null if such a representation does not exist (e.g. if hasValue() returns false).