Interface IExchangeTask

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    public interface IExchangeTask
    extends IExchangeItem
    Defines properties of an Exchange task and methods for working with a task.

    Usage example:

    IExchangeTask l_task = ExchangeTaskUtil.createNew("The Subject", "The description");

    l_task.setStartDate(new Date()); //update some properties
    l_task.setPercentComplete(25);; //save the updated properties

    l_task.addAttachment(new File("attachment.txt")); // add an attachment
    • Method Detail

      • getFKTaskStatus

        int getFKTaskStatus()
      • setFKTaskStatus

        void setFKTaskStatus​(int p_iStatusKey)
      • getPercentComplete

        float getPercentComplete()
      • setPercentComplete

        void setPercentComplete​(float p_fPctComplete)
      • isTeamTask

        boolean isTeamTask()
      • setTeamTask

        void setTeamTask​(boolean p_bTeamTask)
      • getStartDate

        Date getStartDate()
      • setStartDate

        void setStartDate​(Date p_dateStart)
      • getDueDate

        Date getDueDate()
      • setDueDate

        void setDueDate​(Date p_dateDue)
      • getDateCompleted

        Date getDateCompleted()
      • setDateCompleted

        void setDateCompleted​(Date p_dateCompleted)
      • getActualWork

        int getActualWork()
      • setActualWork

        void setActualWork​(int p_iWork)
      • getTotalWork

        int getTotalWork()
      • setTotalWork

        void setTotalWork​(int p_iWork)
      • isComplete

        boolean isComplete()
      • setComplete

        void setComplete​(boolean p_bComplete)
      • setOwner

        void setOwner​(String p_strOwner)
      • isRecurring

        boolean isRecurring()
      • getReminderTime

        Date getReminderTime()
      • setReminderTime

        void setReminderTime​(Date p_dateReminder)
      • isReminderSet

        boolean isReminderSet()
      • setReminderSet

        void setReminderSet​(boolean p_bReminderSet)
      • getCommonStart

        Date getCommonStart()
      • setCommonStart

        void setCommonStart​(Date p_dateStart)
      • getCommonEnd

        Date getCommonEnd()
      • setCommonEnd

        void setCommonEnd​(Date p_dateEnd)
      • getFKTaskPriority

        int getFKTaskPriority()
      • setFKTaskPriority

        void setFKTaskPriority​(int p_iKey)
      • setTo

        void setTo​(String p_strRecipient)
      • hasAttachment

        boolean hasAttachment()
      • setBody

        void setBody​(String p_strBody)
      • getHtmlDescription

        String getHtmlDescription()
      • setHtmlDescription

        void setHtmlDescription​(String p_strHtmlDescr)
      • getSize

        int getSize()
      • getCreationDate

        Date getCreationDate()
      • getDisplayName

        String getDisplayName()
      • setDisplayName

        void setDisplayName​(String p_strName)
      • getLastModified

        Date getLastModified()
      • isRead

        boolean isRead()
      • setRead

        void setRead​(boolean p_bRead)
      • getMileAge

        String getMileAge()
      • setMileAge

        void setMileAge​(String p_strMileAge)
      • getBillingInfo

        String getBillingInfo()
      • setBillingInfo

        void setBillingInfo​(String p_strBilling)
      • isPrivate

        boolean isPrivate()
      • setPrivate

        void setPrivate​(boolean p_bPrivate)
      • getFKSensitivity

        int getFKSensitivity()
      • setFKSensitivity

        void setFKSensitivity​(int p_iKey)
      • getFKUserMailboxEmail

        String getFKUserMailboxEmail()