Interface IExchangeMessage

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    public interface IExchangeMessage
    extends IExchangeItem
    Defines properties of a MS Exchange message and methods to work with a message.

    Usage example:

    IExchangeMessage l_msg = ExchangeMessageUtil.createNewDraft("", "", "The Subject", "The Message"); //create a new message

    l_msg.setCC(""); //update some properties; //save the updated properties

    l_msg.addAttachment(new File("attachment.txt")); // add an attachment

    l_msg.send(); //send the message
    • Method Detail

      • setTo

        void setTo​(String p_strRecipient)
      • setTo

        void setTo​(List<String> p_recipients)
      • setFrom

        void setFrom​(String p_strFrom)
      • setBcc

        void setBcc​(String p_strBcc)
      • setCc

        void setCc​(String p_strCc)
      • getUnicodeSubject

        String getUnicodeSubject()
      • setUnicodeSubject

        void setUnicodeSubject​(String p_strUnicodeSubject)
      • getDate

        Date getDate()
      • setDate

        void setDate​(Date p_date)
      • getDateReceived

        Date getDateReceived()
      • hasAttachment

        boolean hasAttachment()
      • getInReplyTo

        String getInReplyTo()
      • getReplyTo

        String getReplyTo()
      • setReplyTo

        void setReplyTo​(String p_strReplyTo)
      • getSender

        String getSender()
      • setBody

        void setBody​(String p_strBody)
      • getHtmlDescription

        String getHtmlDescription()
      • setHtmlDescription

        void setHtmlDescription​(String p_strHtmlDescr)
      • getSize

        int getSize()
      • getCreationDate

        Date getCreationDate()
      • isRead

        boolean isRead()
      • setRead

        void setRead​(boolean p_bRead)
      • send

        void send()
        Sends the message.
        Throws: - If message could not be sent.