Interface IExchangeAppointment

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    public interface IExchangeAppointment
    extends IExchangeItem
    Defines properties of an Exchange appointment and methods to work with an appointment.

    Usage example:

    Date l_start = new Date();
    Date l_end = new Date();

    IExchangeAppointment l_apt = ExchangeAppointmentUtil.createNewAppointment(l_start, l_end, "The Subject", "The description");

    l_apt.setLocation("Freiburg"); //update some properties; //save the updated properties

    l_apt.addAttachment(new File("attachment.txt")); // add an attachment

    Create a meeting and send meeting requests:

    IExchangeAppointment l_apt = ExchangeAppointmentUtil.createNewMeeting(l_start, l_end, "The Subject", "The description", "Freiburg", "", true);

    l_apt.sendMeetingRequest(); //send meeting requests to all attendees
    • Method Detail

      • isAllDayEvent

        boolean isAllDayEvent()
      • setAllDayEvent

        void setAllDayEvent​(boolean p_bAllDayEvent)
      • getFKMeetingBusyStatus

        int getFKMeetingBusyStatus()
      • setFKMeetingBusyStatus

        void setFKMeetingBusyStatus​(int p_iStatus)
      • getCompanies

        String getCompanies()
      • setCompanies

        void setCompanies​(String p_strCompanies)
      • getContact

        String getContact()
      • setContact

        void setContact​(String p_strContact)
      • getCreated

        Date getCreated()
      • setCreated

        void setCreated​(Date p_dateCreated)
      • getStartDate

        Date getStartDate()
      • setStartDate

        void setStartDate​(Date p_dateStart)
      • getEndDate

        Date getEndDate()
      • setEndDate

        void setEndDate​(Date p_dateEnd)
      • getClipStart

        Date getClipStart()
      • setClipStart

        void setClipStart​(Date p_dateClipStart)
      • getClipEnd

        Date getClipEnd()
      • setClipEnd

        void setClipEnd​(Date p_dateClipEnd)
      • getStampDate

        Date getStampDate()
      • setStampDate

        void setStampDate​(Date p_dateStamp)
      • getDuration

        int getDuration()
        Returns the duration in seconds for Exchange 2003-2007.
        The duration in seconds for Exchange 2003-2007.
      • setDuration

        void setDuration​(int p_iDuration)
        Sets the duration in seconds for Exchange 2003-2007.
      • getDuration2010

        String getDuration2010()
        Returns the duration in the Exchange 2010 format.
        The duration in the Exchange 2010 format.
      • setDuration2010

        void setDuration2010​(String p_strDuration)
        Sets the duration in the Exchange 2010 format.
      • hasAttachment

        boolean hasAttachment()
      • isMeetingRequest

        boolean isMeetingRequest()
      • setMeetingRequest

        void setMeetingRequest​(boolean p_bMeetingRequest)
      • getLastModifiedTimeStamp

        Date getLastModifiedTimeStamp()
      • getLocation

        String getLocation()
      • setLocation

        void setLocation​(String p_strLocation)
      • getFKPriority

        int getFKPriority()
      • setFKPriority

        void setFKPriority​(int p_iKey)
      • getReminderOffset

        int getReminderOffset()
      • setReminderOffset

        void setReminderOffset​(int p_iOffset)
      • getReplyTime

        Date getReplyTime()
      • isResponseRequested

        boolean isResponseRequested()
      • setResponseRequested

        void setResponseRequested​(boolean p_bRequested)
      • getUnicodeSubject

        String getUnicodeSubject()
      • setUnicodeSubject

        void setUnicodeSubject​(String p_strSubject)
      • getTimezone

        String getTimezone()
      • setTimezone

        void setTimezone​(String p_strTimezone)
      • getCalendarUID

        String getCalendarUID()
      • setCalendarUID

        void setCalendarUID​(String p_strUid)
      • getAllAttendees

        String getAllAttendees()
      • getReminderTime

        Date getReminderTime()
      • setReminderTime

        void setReminderTime​(Date p_dateReminder)
      • isReminderSet

        boolean isReminderSet()
      • setReminderSet

        void setReminderSet​(boolean p_bReminder)
      • isOrganizer

        boolean isOrganizer()
      • setOrganizer

        void setOrganizer​(boolean p_bOrganizer)
      • getOrganizerName

        String getOrganizerName()
      • setOrganizerName

        void setOrganizerName​(String p_strOrganizer)
      • setTo

        void setTo​(String p_strTo)
      • setCc

        void setCc​(String p_strCc)
      • setBcc

        void setBcc​(String p_strBcc)
      • isRecurring

        boolean isRecurring()
      • getFKBusyStatus

        int getFKBusyStatus()
      • setFKBusyStatus

        void setFKBusyStatus​(int p_iStatus)
      • getFKMeetingStatus

        int getFKMeetingStatus()
      • setFKMeetingStatus

        void setFKMeetingStatus​(int p_iStatus)
      • getFKResponseStatus

        int getFKResponseStatus()
      • getFKTimeZoneID

        int getFKTimeZoneID()
      • setFKTimeZoneID

        void setFKTimeZoneID​(int p_iId)
      • getFKAppointmentImportance

        int getFKAppointmentImportance()
      • setFKAppointmentImportance

        void setFKAppointmentImportance​(int p_iKey)
      • getMethod

        String getMethod()
      • getMessageClass

        String getMessageClass()
      • setBody

        void setBody​(String p_strBody)
      • getHtmlDescription

        String getHtmlDescription()
      • setHtmlDescription

        void setHtmlDescription​(String p_strHtml)
      • getSize

        int getSize()
      • getContentClass

        String getContentClass()
      • getCreationDate

        Date getCreationDate()
      • getDisplayName

        String getDisplayName()
      • setDisplayName

        void setDisplayName​(String p_strDisplayName)
      • getLastModified

        Date getLastModified()
      • isRead

        boolean isRead()
      • setRead

        void setRead​(boolean p_bRead)
      • getMileAge

        String getMileAge()
      • setMileAge

        void setMileAge​(String p_strMileAge)
      • getBillingInfo

        String getBillingInfo()
      • setBillingInfo

        void setBillingInfo​(String p_strBilling)
      • isPrivate

        boolean isPrivate()
      • setPrivate

        void setPrivate​(boolean p_bPrivate)
      • getFKSensitivity

        int getFKSensitivity()
      • setFKSensitivity

        void setFKSensitivity​(int p_iKey)
      • getFKUserMailboxEmail

        String getFKUserMailboxEmail()
      • sendMeetingRequest

        void sendMeetingRequest()
        Sends meeting requests to all meeting attendees.
        Throws: - If request could not be sent.
      • cancelMeeting

        void cancelMeeting()
        Cancels a meeting request.
        Throws: - If meeting could not be canceled.