Interface ISessionProcessingContext

    • Method Detail

      • getSession

        ISession getSession()
        Get the current portal server session.
        The portal server session.
      • pushSession

        void pushSession​(ISession p_session)
        For internal use only.
      • popSession

        ISession popSession()
        For internal use only.
      • getUserTimeZone

        TimeZone getUserTimeZone()
        Get the time zone of the user that is associated with the current session.
        The time zone of the user, or null if no session or no user is in this context.
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      • isImpersonated

        boolean isImpersonated()
        Check if the processing context is currently impersonated.
        true if the processing context is currently impersonated, or false otherwise.
      • getImpersonateUserGuid

        String getImpersonateUserGuid()
        Get the GUID of the current impersonation user.
        The GUID of the impersonation user, or null if the processing context is currently not impersonated.
      • pushImpersonateUserGuid

        void pushImpersonateUserGuid​(String p_strImpersonateUserGuid)
        For internal use only.
      • popImpersonateUserGuid

        String popImpersonateUserGuid()
        For internal use only.