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Velocity context objects in Intrexx 8


  • Object to check access permissions on applications, datagroups etc..
  • JavaDoc Link


  • Object to get information about an applications structure.
  • JavaDoc Link
  • //Get all datagroups of the application with the given GUID.



  • Object to access the cache manager and the update sequence numbers (usn) of single objects.
  • JavaDoc Link
  • //Get the usn of the given view page



  • Object to get browser information.
  • JavaDoc Link
  • //Get the user agent string of the accessing browser.



  • Object to encode and decode string values.
  • JavaDoc Link
  • $Codec.hexEncodeString("www.intrexx.com", "UTF-8")


  • Object to create collections.
  • JavaDoc Link
  • $CollectionFactory.createMap()



  • Object to access a collection of data objects (e.g. the current data record).
  • JavaDoc Link
  • //Get the rec id of the current data record as string.


  • Debugging object for detailed inspection of single objects and elements.
  • JavaDoc Link
  • //Get detailed information of the user object.


  • Object to access Office Integration instances.
  • JavaDoc Link


  • Object to access defined datatransfer jobs.
  • JavaDoc Link
  • //Get the job history of the data transfer job with the given GUID.


  • Object to access database connections and to administrate transactions of database operations.
  • JavaDoc Link
  • #set($conn = $DbUtil.getConnection("IxSysDb"))




  • Helper object to search duplicates in data records of an application.
  • JavaDoc Link



  • Object to access the current data record in shaped tables.
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  • View characters, that are escaped in velocity by default.
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  • //Display #



  • Object to throw exceptions.
  • JavaDoc Link
  • $ExceptionUtil.throwException("java.io.FileNotFoundException", "The given file does not exist.")

Object for Microsoft Exchange (only in combination with Intrexx Media Gateway).

  • $ExchangeCallable
  • Callable for Exchange authentication
  • JavaDoc Link
  • $ExchangeCallable.getRequiredFields().isPasswordRequired()

  • $ExchangeConnectionCallable
  • Callable for Exchange connections
  • JavaDoc Link
  • $ExchangeConnectionCallable.getConnection()

  • $ExchangeMailboxCallable
  • Callable to access the mailbox of an Exchange user
  • JavaDoc Link
  • //Get the out of office message of the logged in Exchange user.

  • $ExchangeMessageCallable
  • Callable to access message objects
  • JavaDoc Link
  • //Save the message with id $strMessageId in format eml at $strDestinationPath.
    $ExchangeMessageCallable.saveMessageAsEML($strMessageId, $strDestinationPath)

  • $ExchangeItemCallable
  • Callable to access Exchange objects
  • JavaDoc Link
  • //Save attachments of item with id $strMessageId at $strDestinationPath.
    $ExchangeItemCallable.saveAttachment($strMessageId, $strDestinationPath)

  • $ExchangeUserMailboxCallable
  • Callable for mailbox information of an Exchange user.
  • JavaDoc Link
  • $ExchangeUserMailboxCallable.getMailboxInfo()



  • Create or access objects (e.g. users), without beeing predefined in velocity context.
  • JavaDoc Link



  • Object for file operations like inserting a file into an Intrexx datagroup.
  • JavaDoc Link
  • //Deletes the file from the datafield defined by the GUID 
    //and from the record defined with RecId 1.
    $FileHelper.deleteFileFromIntrexx($ProcessingContext, "079A397D11EE732857CD1017C3AC6A55D0D112DA", "1")


  • Object for the analysis of files in a folder hierarchy.
  • JavaDoc Link


  • Collection of several filters which are used in Velocity context.
  • JavaDoc Link


  • Objects to access information of forum threads and posts.
  • JavaDoc Link


  • Object to build a new URL based on the current request and a list of additional parameters.
  • JavaDoc Link


  • Converts the symbols <, >, & and " into their according HTML entity.
  • JavaDoc Link



  • Help functions to create and work with JSON-objects.
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  • Processes incoming requests. E.g. it enables access to the current database connection.
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  • Get access to the defined country settings of numbers and dates.
  • JavaDoc Link


  • Object for the creation of application-, user- and statistic-reports.
  • JavaDoc Link


  • Object to edit and to copy/move/delete images.
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  • Object to access portal properties (e.g.: name).
  • JavaDoc Link

  • Access the organization structure of a portal.
  • $Portal.getOrgStructure()
  • JavaDoc Link



  • Object to create and execute database queries.
  • JavaDoc Link




  • Object to access tags which are defined in a portal.
  • JavaDoc Link




  • Object to access the current default rendering properties of a portal.
  • JavaDoc Link



  • Object to set and read the properties of a HTTP response.
  • JavaDoc Link


  • Runtime cache object with information about applications, datagroups, etc.
  • JavaDoc Link


  • Object to set menu permissions within a web CMS.
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  • Set and read user defined values in the processing context.
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  • Help object for several kinds of string manipulations.
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  • Object for the generation of unique variables.
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  • Object to access information about the current user.
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  • Default language of the portal.


  • Current language of the portal.


  • Name of the currently used layout.